Step 1- Registration

  • Applicants who applied to the Polytechnic through JAMB or other Applicants can check their admission status by a click on the "Check admission" link to check for admission status.
  • If you are successful, Continue to make your acceptance payment usnig any of the REMITA available payment options.
  • If your payment is successful, you would be required to choose a password to open your school account.
  • If your account is opened, click on "printable" link, print your printable documents(acceptance slip, admission letter) and proceed to your academic and administrative screening (JAMB applicants are required to bring along, JAMB admission letter).
  • After academic and administrative screening, open your account again, click on "printable" link and print your original admission letter.
  • While logged into your school account, generate your fees schedule and invoices to make payment using any of the available options (Online payment or Bank branch payment), then print your payment receipts and proceed to course registration.

Step 2- Course Registration

  • After Registration steps above are successful, click student information link, provide all the necessary information.
  • Click on course registration to do your course registration.
  • Click on printable to print your original admission letter, Personal data form 'A', Course data form 'B' (course registration form).
  • Print all relevant document and submit to the relevant officers to complete your documentation.